Blanc Gallery presents |nfinite scro||
curated by Judd Katz
featuring work by Brian Butler and Cody DeFranco
Opening reception May 11th 6-11pm
Special collaborative video piece with Ghostdad and
rare dj set by Banana Seat

“In preparation for the show, Cody and Brian collaborated over email on a series of digital collages. A reacquiring theme of 90′s graphics and allusions to early Internet culture emerged, and a conversation about endlessly scrolling through news and photo feeds established the exhibition’s title Infinite Scroll.

Infinite Scroll showcases Brian’s collection of illustrative drawings on paper, alongside Cody’s recent collage work. Both artists share a background in printmaking and are well-versed in the use of layers to create detailed works of art. Brian’s drawings begin with a foundation of abstracted shapes to which he finds meaning before rendering them out with layers of gouache, ink, and graphite. Cody likens his collage work to the world of Photoshop, simulating the program’s masking and transparency options by hand. The product combines two complimentary bodies of work that sample recognizable New England icons alongside imagery that is symbolic of the years each artist spent growing up here.”