This past weekend marked the opening of me and Jaime Salazar‘s concert art exhibit Double Vision. The event was remarkable. We had a full house for our performances by Nixa and Testokra, and Greg Alvarez provided music between sets. I’m grateful to Emile and Sweat Records for providing the sound. Gramps pop up bar kept everyone merry, serving Stolen Rum cocktails. Thanks to all who came. I’m really looking forward to making another load of concert drawings to hold another one!

For this show, I collaged and tiled photocopies of my sketchbook concert drawings, like wallpaper, across a thirty foot wall. At a distance, the wall appeared to have a continuous scrawled texture, but upon closer inspection, the wall becomes an engulfing illustration of one massive mega-show, recapping four years of concerts in South Florida. Visitors searched for themselves in the drawings, and for those who aren’t active in the scene, I hid a drawing of Where’s Waldo to invite people into the piece.

The wallpaper transitions into an enlarged concert drawing. Where I layered an area of found paper and painted a cast of people found in Jaime’s concert photos. By drawing moments from his photography, I hoped to create a better dialog with his photos, and further bridge the gap between our two methods of documenting shows. (Hense the name, Double Vision)

Jaime selected a series of photos he had collected over his eight years in Miami, many of which focused on the sweltering breeding ground for Miami punk and hardcore shows, Churchill’s. He has a sharp eye for what makes a show unique, and I appreciate his candid approach to shooting an audience. He shoots all of his photos on film, and painstakingly cuts and archives his own negatives. This collection runs the gamut, from the best of Miami’s International Noise Conference, to the weirdest of Ultra Music Festival, punctuated by nearly every Miami band in existence.

Photos by Mark Diamond and Luis Guisasola
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