I made a comic on behalf of Little Dragon for Tumblr IRL (in real life). The story is inspired by their new album Nabuma Rubberband. We incrementally released the pages of the comic online, at littledragon.tumblr.com and everything culminated with a special live performance, inside a space I helped craft and design with my good bud Kurt Williams. The event was held at XIX Studios, and also featured a pop-up comic shop curated by myself and the fine folks at Secret Headquarters.

Photos in this post by Megan Thompson, Maximilian Ho, Sagan Lockhart, and instagram users nahneenkula, cofffeeeeeeee, tvsmatt, kaitlinmaud, theshq, littledragonflicks, and katiekaymead. Special behind the scenes thanks to Nate and Julia at Tumblr, Dave at Secret Headquarters, Kevin at Boxed Water, Monica at XIX, Adam Ramona and Ryan at Loma Vista, Hacienda and Church of Fun, Andy, Ed, Heathcliff, and the Little Dragon team for being so awesome :)