Hurricane Irma was striking Miami at approximately the same time as Colorado Crush Mural Festival. Airports were shut down, and fuel, rations, and plywood were scares. Foreseeing the inevitable halt in Miami, we bundled our precious belongings into the car and drove to Colorado. Several other Miami artists were on the roster, and each one found their own method of averting the many overbooked and grounded post-hurricane flights. My collaborator Baghead managed to make it out on the 4th day of the mural festival. Luckily we had sketched our wall remotely (once I was onsite to report obstacles), and I was able to make a timely start. I derived subject matter from sights seen along the drive, and Baghead mixed in a flurry of archetypes from his recent work.

Jon and Lindsey were supper hospitable, there was time to visit Boulder and hike with Woes, and wrap the week with a group visit to Joseph Martinez‘s studio for a group doodle sesh. I painted a little Banana Split jammer alongside Birdcap that night.