Brian Butler, Miami FL

Brian Butler is a keen observer, who’s first language is drawing. His thoughtful process, and reputation as a disciplined artist, has developed into a deeply ambitious portfolio. His artwork has leapt from the pages of his sketchbook to grace the stages of music festivals, dance across the sails of boats, carry ad campaigns and find it’s way onto countless walls across the world.

His fine art practice is one of connection. By exploring common ground points of interest, his artwork feels both fresh and familiar. He employs what he calls the language of the gift shop. At a glance the art is striking and approachable, but with a dash of context, an additional layer of wit and meaning are revealed.

His practice of drawing concerts has landed him in the company of both legends and hoodlums. Whether on the periphery of a mosh-pit, or the side of a festival stage, his ability to compose pages of likenesses that capture the energy of a live performance is unrivaled. A true testament to his poise and adaptability.

Drawing in public has naturally led to drawing with others, both as collaborative murals and through hosting public drawing events. The most popular and regularly occurring of which is Everybody Draw Everybody, a group portrait swap designed to end as a personalized art exhibit.
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